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Cергей (Москва)

Order received! All OK!!! Thanks!!!

October 5, 2022 18:32  ▼ Tracking: RJ021580265RU
Андрей ()

Arrived relatively quickly, safe and sound. All OK

October 5, 2022 17:03  ▼ Tracking: EE506372202AE
Ирина (Мурманск)

This is not the first time I order on this site, everything always comes, everything is fine, thank you!)

October 5, 2022 14:58  ▼ Tracking: LP2086879
Дарья ()

Thank you shopozz service. Found a drug that is not sold in Russia! Fast shipping. I really liked the customer service.

October 5, 2022 12:02  ▼ Tracking: LP2086483
Валерий (Рязань)

A very reliable company that delivers on its promises. An order was made, I waited for the goods for more than 2 months, I already thought everything was gone, but no. In view of the current situation, the goods were purchased, shipped and delivered. For which many thanks.

October 5, 2022 08:04  ▼ Tracking: LP2082851
игорь вениаминович (МОСКВА)

I sincerely thank all the Shopozz services for their useful work in our time of "iron curtains". Thanks to you, iHerb medicine has overcome both distances and obstacles.

October 4, 2022 13:20  ▼ Tracking: LP2085299
ольга (Санкт-Петербург)

I received blundstone boots from and I am delighted! The purchase came out much cheaper! No wonder I waited! I will use the service again and again!

October 4, 2022 12:46  ▼ Tracking: LP2085274
Фокин Борис (Калуга)

Arrived pretty quickly even considering the situation in the country. The cover is excellent. I don't regret spending money on it.

October 3, 2022 11:29  ▼ Tracking: LP2086871
Светлана Зеленева (Дзержинский)

Good day everyone! I want to tell about my experience. I am an ordinary woman, who, of course, as many are afraid of prepayments, especially 17 tons of money for me. My daughter's birthday is in February, so I decided to prepare in advance. Barbie, which she has been wanting for a long time (somehow I saw my friend’s daughter had a collectible 2003 issue) My friend’s daughter is already 23 years old)), but the doll is in a deplorable state. So I asked myself to find one. Neither Avito, etc. didn't help me. I knew about ebay, but I know that now it does not work. But whoever seeks will find, I stumbled upon the shopozz website. O! I found it 15500, I think it's a little expensive, but good. Of course I read the reviews ... But there are good ones too. Left a request. The manager called me back, he explained everything very well about the delivery procedure. Oh, and I decided and paid for the order on 08/23/22. On 08/25/22 I received a message in the mail that the goods were redeemed. Then, on 09/04/22, a message came that the goods were weighed, and I paid for the delivery of 2500 (as the manager approximately expected) There is also a cargo insurance procedure of $ 5 (if the cargo is lost on the way) I paid (suddenly)).. All updates on the movement of goods I received by mail. On 10/04/22 I received the long-awaited product at the pick-up point (boxberry): Florida - Moscow region)))). Very satisfied, honestly!!! I recommend, everything is clear. Thanks a lot. * I attach the original photo on the site and mine is already at home.

October 3, 2022 11:25  ▼ Tracking: LP2084101
Баттал (москва)

Thank you for a long time, but everything came! Everything is super!

October 3, 2022 11:17  ▼ Tracking: EJ228479984RU

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