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Алексей (Балашиха)

Delivery on time! Everything is fine!!!! Recommend.

March 23, 2020 15:29  ▼ Tracking: LP1423710
Елена (Липецк)

Thanks to the whole site team. I received the next parcel in 10 days instead of 25. Everything is fine .

March 22, 2020 19:31  ▼ Tracking: CQ001482746RU
Елена (Липецк)

Thanks for the work. The best Shopozz service. Everything arrived on time.

March 22, 2020 19:28  ▼ Tracking: CJ490178478US
константин (темиртау)

At shopozz you don’t need to call anyone back, say something, etc. (there is a step-by-step instruction) And that's cool! As always, I received the package on time. Thanks to the whole SHOPOZZ team!

March 19, 2020 22:09  ▼ Tracking: LX243392976US
Ильнур (Кондратово)

Everything has come! Satisfied with the product, I thought it would not come.

March 19, 2020 10:53  ▼ Tracking: CQ001482794RU
Сергей (город Благовещенск)

I got the first package with the help of the guys from SHOPOZZ. Thank you so much !!!

March 13, 2020 14:43  ▼ Tracking: LP1414789
ВЯЧЕСЛАВ (Московский)

The goods arrived in excellent condition and very timely. Satisfied!!!

March 12, 2020 23:00  ▼ Tracking: CQ001476745RU
ВЯЧЕСЛАВ (Московский)

Delivered by mail on time in excellent condition. thanks

March 12, 2020 22:58  ▼ Tracking: CQ001474342RU
Екатерина (Москва)

For the first time I ordered goods on the Shopozz website. I was very pleased. The order was placed on February 6, 2020. the package arrived in the mail on March 07, 2020. Throughout the procedure: registration, payment, tracking consulted with the manager, who, in turn, is accessible and thoroughly answered my questions. I recommend the site. The product came new, was not in use.

March 10, 2020 09:43  ▼ Tracking: CQ001477220RU
ВЯЧЕСЛАВ (Московский)

Received the package without worries and hassle. Thanks!

March 1, 2020 12:56  ▼ Tracking: CJ480163726US

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RocketMF Avia $81
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